Meet the Founder

“We Moroccans are known for our hospitality and the warm welcome that visitors to our country get. By using a combination of branding, design and social media communication, I am devoted to creating a client experience as warm as the welcome tourists receive when they arrive in Morocco. Through Beldi Bazaar I want to convey the Moroccan lifestyle at its finest, by providing authentic homeware in a colour palette reflecting that of the country. With shades of rich terracotta, warm hues of brown and beige, a splash of blue, red or yellow, our collection of products perfectly illustrate Morocco’s unique charm and character”.

Originally of Moroccan descent, Rita completed her studies in Switzerland and Paris, before working for some of the world’s leading Fashion Houses, including Chanel and Hermes, where she was responsible for brand marketing and events, helping to hone her expertise in both fields. Her experience with luxury brands and foreign cultures, having also lived in Canada and the UAE, has given her a unique ability to bring you the true essence of ancestral Moroccan creativity and dedicated craftsmanship.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to bring our beautiful decor into your home, why not check out Rita’s Favourites, or the Beldi Journal, where there are plenty of ideas on how to incorporate the magic of Beldi into your daily life.


“Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it”

Never stop believing in your dreams and in yourself, when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Rita xxx